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Two-year-old startup Perceive has shattered power-efficiency benchmarks for edge-AI processors. Its first chip, Ergo, needs just 70mW to deliver 250fps on Yolo v3, all without connecting to DRAM. On the slower 30fps video streams customers will typically employ, it needs 20mW to process full-frame images. Unlike other inference engines, Ergo has no large on-chip SRAM, reducing storage requirements to “a few megabytes,” according to the startup.

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Perceive Corporation, a spinout from audio and image chip company Xperi, claims to have put data center class processing into a low cost, 20 milliwatt 7×7 mm chip, delivering 55 TOPS/Watt for edge device AI. Since 2-5 TOPS/Watt is now considered world-class for edge devices, I was initially skeptical. Upon further examination though, it looks like these guys may be on to something interesting here.

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A silicon valley startup claims it has reinvented the mathematics of neural networks and has produced a complementary edge AI chip, already sampling, which does not use the usual large array of multiply-accumulate units. The chip can run the equivalent of 4 TOPS, with impressive power consumption of 55 TOPS/W, and according to the company, achieves data-center class inference in under 20mW (YOLOv3 at 30fps).

Themis Katsianos, VP of Software

Themis Katsianos is responsible for leading development of the software in Perceive’s solutions, in addition to overseeing the company’s technical and product roadmaps.

Naghmeh Sarkeshik, VP of Operations and Customer Success

In her role as VP of operations and customer success at Perceive, Naghmeh Sarkeshik is responsible for driving customer success, including the optimization and development of the customer lifecycle, deploying programs to help drive business value with customers and collaborating across teams to identify and pursue customer growth opportunities.