[GlobeNewswire] The Best of Sensors 2020 Award Winners Unveiled During Questex’s Sensors Innovation Week Fall

Showcases the Year’s Best Innovations, Technologies, Teams and Individuals in the Sensors Industry By Questex LLC 2020-11-16 Source: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/11/16/2127797/0/en/The-Best-of-Sensors-2020-Award-Winners-Unveiled-During-Questex-s-Sensors-Innovation-Week-Fall.html NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today at an awards … Continued

[EETimes] AI and Vision at the Edge

By Jeff Bier 2020-09-06 Source: https://www.eetimes.com/dont-be-misled-by-accuracy-3-insights-for-more-useful-ai-models/ Things move fast. Not that long ago, AI and computer vision seemed like the stuff of science fiction — and now suddenly they’re everywhere, … Continued

[Fast Company] You can now buy an Amazon Echo add-on that stops Alexa from listening

Alexagate is the latest effort from MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based startup that makes limited-run products with a rhetorical flourish. In this case, MSCHF’s point of view is that Amazon is snooping on users through its Echo speakers, and that users should have an easier way to turn off the mics. Kevin Wiesner, MSCHF’s creative director, calls Alexagate an “aftermarket privacy adjustment” with an adversarial bent.

[Forbes] Perceive Exits Stealth With Super Efficient Machine Learning Chip For Smarter Devices

By Jim McGregor 2020-04-05 Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tiriasresearch/2020/04/06/perceive-exits-stealth-with-super-efficient-machine-learning-chip-for-smarter-devices/#3e06c7496d9c The article has been updated to reflect the performance numbers in TOPS (integer instructions) rather than originally reported FLOPS (floating point instructions). Perceive is … Continued

[EdaCafé] Perceive’s AI processor; tactile sensors; Tbit/s on a twisted pair; FPGA acceleration of legacy programs

By Roberto Frazzoli 2020-04-03 Source: https://www10.edacafe.com/blogs/editorial/2020/04/03/perceives-ai-processor-tactile-sensors-tbit-s-on-a-twisted-pair-fpga-acceleration-of-legacy-programs/ A new edge inference solutions company has been making news over the past few days, claiming an outstanding power efficiency. Other updates this week … Continued

[EETimes] Startup Reinvents Neural Network Maths, Launches 20mW Edge AI Chip

A silicon valley startup claims it has reinvented the mathematics of neural networks and has produced a complementary edge AI chip, already sampling, which does not use the usual large array of multiply-accumulate units. The chip can run the equivalent of 4 TOPS, with impressive power consumption of 55 TOPS/W, and according to the company, achieves data-center class inference in under 20mW (YOLOv3 at 30fps).

[EE News Analog] Perceive launches edge AI inference processor

A 2018 startup and subsidiary of Xperi Corp. – Perceive Corp. (San Jose, Calif.) – has developed an edge machine learning chip called Ergo.

The chip requires custom software training but achieves 55 TOPS/W inferencing, 20x to 100x  higher than the efficiency of many alternatives. This begs the question what in the case of the Ergo chip is an operation?

[Forbes] Perceive Claims 20-100X AI Efficiency At The Edge

Perceive Corporation, a spinout from audio and image chip company Xperi, claims to have put data center class processing into a low cost, 20 milliwatt 7×7 mm chip, delivering 55 TOPS/Watt for edge device AI. Since 2-5 TOPS/Watt is now considered world-class for edge devices, I was initially skeptical. Upon further examination though, it looks like these guys may be on to something interesting here.

Naghmeh Sarkeshik, VP of Operations and Customer Success

In her role as VP of operations and customer success at Perceive, Naghmeh Sarkeshik is responsible for driving customer success, including the optimization and development of the customer lifecycle, deploying programs to help drive business value with customers and collaborating across teams to identify and pursue customer growth opportunities.

Steve Teig, Founder and CEO

Steve Teig, founder and CEO of Perceive, is a visionary technologist whose work has impacted industries ranging from software and semiconductors to biotechnology and machine learning. He drove the creation of Perceive while CTO of its parent company and investor, Xperi, where he supervised technology development, including core audio and imaging innovations, and led the company’s machine learning team.

Perceive Corporation Launches to Deliver Data Center-Class Accuracy and Performance at Ultra-Low Power for Consumer Devices

Perceive Corporation, an edge inference solutions company, today launched the company and debuted its first product, the Ergo™️ edge inference processor. Ergo brings breakthrough accuracy and performance to consumer devices such as security cameras, smart appliances, and mobile phones. The Ergo chip and reference board are currently being sampled to leading customers and are ready for mass production in the second quarter of 2020.