[Security Systems News] Shifting from Sensors to Perceivers

Tiny chip helps ensure privacy by bringing and keeping data-center-class analytics at the edge By Ginger Hill 2020-08-26 Source: https://www.securitysystemsnews.com/article/shifting-from-sensors-to-perceivers YARMOUTH, Maine—Motivated to find a way to take cloud-level analytics, … Continued

Murali Dharan, President and COO

Murali Dharan is responsible for leading the business operations of Perceive, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Operations.

Naghmeh Sarkeshik, VP of Operations and Customer Success

In her role as VP of operations and customer success at Perceive, Naghmeh Sarkeshik is responsible for driving customer success, including the optimization and development of the customer lifecycle, deploying programs to help drive business value with customers and collaborating across teams to identify and pursue customer growth opportunities.

David McIntyre, VP of Marketing

As VP of marketing at Perceive, David McIntyre oversees all aspects of adoption and expansion based on market fit and needs of the company’s first product, Ergo.

Kathy Cook, VP of Business Development

As VP of business development, Kathy Cook is responsible for driving strategic partnerships and transactions to accelerate growth for Perceive.

Steve Teig, Founder and CEO

Steve Teig, founder and CEO of Perceive, is a visionary technologist whose work has impacted industries ranging from software and semiconductors to biotechnology and machine learning. He drove the creation of Perceive while CTO of its parent company and investor, Xperi, where he supervised technology development, including core audio and imaging innovations, and led the company’s machine learning team.