Ergo delivers smart features for consumer devices – without compromising privacy or security

With the potential to reach billions of edge devices in homes, businesses, and more, Ergo’s real-time, on-device inference processing makes it ideally suited for products where superior consumer experience and data privacy are of paramount importance.

Perceive offers a suite of advanced neural network applications optimized for Ergo to allow device makers to quickly launch products with high-accuracy smart features. Whether it is reducing false notifications in a security camera, extending battery life in a mobile device, or simplifying the user interface of a home appliance, Ergo solutions enable key device features through comprehension and intelligent reactions to the environment. These are just some of the solutions and markets Ergo supports.

Video Object Detection

Ergo’s ability to run multiple sophisticated neural networks on the device enables home or enterprise security cameras to detect interesting motion and ignore false alerts; recognize faces and people; and relevant objects, such as pets, packages, or vehicles. Ergo can also enable a smartphone or smart home appliance to recognize faces, even when the phone is “sleeping,” or perform real-time camera and object detection of people, animals, actions, and more.

Audio Event Detection

Ergo can detect critical sounds around a device to improve safety and contextual awareness. For instance, a security camera may detect sounds such as glass breaking, an alarm sounding, or the presence of a person. A hearable device might detect the sounds of vehicle sirens, a dog barking, or an approaching vehicle. With Ergo, these audio events can be detected at the same time as video processing allowing consumer devices to support multi-sensor scenarios including sensor fusion.

Face Recognition

Face recognition is a key feature for consumer convenience and security. Whether as a standalone biometric, or part of a multi-factor authentication, Ergo can be used to run face recognition to unlock a door or access a device. It can also be used to improve consumer devices by allowing appliances and other smart home products to recognize the user and provide a customized experience.

Speech Recognition

Data center-class analysis with Ergo allows use of voice for local commands or remote control. In products like a mobile phone, smart toy, or home appliance, it permits use of advanced wake words, device-specific commands or full natural language interfaces, simplifying the user experience and enabling greater personalization.

… And Many Others

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