Edge devices with integrated intelligence do more with less.

Integrating more powerful neural networks into power‑constrained edge devices enables truly useful and responsive features.

Security cameras with better security

Security cameras, video doorbells, and other smart access solutions become more useful with smart features like recognizing familiar faces and voices, responding to voice commands, and the ability to detect relevant objects and sounds. With tasks like that, response times are critical, so local processing provides the best user experience, and it protects privacy better too. Cameras with Perceive Ergo® AI processors can provide a smarter feature set and faster response times, with extended battery life that could facilitate devices designed to go for years without replacement.

AR and VR devices with real wearability

AR and VR headsets have a lot of things to do. They need to keep their cool while they recognize their users and others around them, detect important objects and sounds, and listen for their next instructions. Running multiple cameras, sensors, and microphones, filtering out noise, and ensuring the important information gets to only their authenticated users, all on a battery powered device that sits on someone’s face, requires a chip designed to be so efficient that it can run all day without breaking a sweat. Ergo is designed for tight spaces, with a 7 mm x 7mm footprint and an ultra‑low power draw that ensures it runs without generating heat or requiring a tether to an external battery pack, to keep your wearable… wearable.

Laptops and tablets with smarter usability

The jack‑of‑all‑trades laptop has turned into a communications hub and a digital extension of our personal space. To improve the seamlessness of the user interface, add the ability to recognize faces, voices, objects, sounds and language, with local processing for better responsiveness and privacy. Detect and track person and object landmarks to respond to gestures or movements. Improve audio and video signals and provide background blurring or replacement to augment the user’s communication experience. With an Ergo processor, you can offload the neural network processing to save CPU and GPU processing power, and you can save battery life by letting Ergo handle sensing tasks like listening for voice commands while the device is sleeping.

Robots and drones with faster reaction times

Robots and drones need to accurately detect and respond quickly to objects in front of them, often requiring them to simultaneously sense, understand, and react to multiple camera, microphones, and other inputs. Those that can recognize people, voices, voice commands and other important sounds around them also provide a better user experience. With Ergo processors, this level of multi‑tasking is well within reach – you can build a device that runs multiple neural networks with multiple inputs and still have power to spare.

Video conferencing with less frustration

Make the video conference system an asset to the meeting, by tracking faces and voices, reducing audio noise, automating the muting (and unmuting) functions, correcting gazes that are focused on the screen rather than the camera lens, and providing a user interface that uses gesture or voice for touchless control. Provide these smarter features in webcams running on only the power from a USB port, putting everyone in the picture. Integrating Ergo enables a communication system that supports collaboration, making it about the message, not the medium.

Retail video analytics with richer real-time data

The retail store is changing, with systems that facilitate better traffic analytics, track shoppers and shopping patterns within the store, manage inventory, automate checkout, and enable a more seamless customer experience. Ergo can provide devices with highly accurate visual inferencing at high frame rates, with local processing to shift the view from what happened to what’s happening.

What’s on your wish list?

Are you working on something you don’t see here and wondering if Ergo can support your needs? Ergo is designed to be flexible and supported by a full suite of development tools. Contact us to learn more.

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