Deep learning seems to touch every discipline these days, but behind its startling magic tricks, it is surprisingly primitive. It is concerning to note the extent to which today’s deep learning relies on folklore: on recipes and anecdotes, rather than on scientific principles and explanatory mathematics. Think of how much more trustworthy, robust, compact, and power-efficient our models would be if we designed them more rigorously. Our CEO Steve Teig’s assertions are accompanied by some motivating (and occasionally humorous) examples.

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[DesignCon] Real-World Deployment of AI/ML in Chip and Board Applications in Automotive Electronics

Steve Teig, Perceive CEO, will join a panel of experts from the chip and board community as they explore the advances and spotlight real-world AI/ML deployment in automotive electronics.

The panel will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on January 31, 2023 from 4:45pm to 6:00pm, as part of the Design World program at DesignCon.

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