[Sensors Expo] Perceive Named Startup of the Year in 2020 Best of Sensors Awards

Sensors Expo and Fierce Electronics recognize Perceive for driving transformation in the sensors industry


Perceive Corporation today announced it was honored as Startup of the Year in the 2020 Best of Sensors Awards – enhancing the functionality of sensors with its breakthrough edge inference solutions.

Hosted by Sensors Expo and Fierce Electronics, the 20th annual Best of Sensors Awards spotlighted the best technologies, teams and individuals in the sensors industry. Perceive was recognized for its first-of-its-kind AI-powered chip, Ergo™, which brings the horsepower of the cloud directly into devices at very low power, transforming normal sensors into ultra-intelligent and efficient PerceiversTM.

Perceive is redefining how sensory information is processed at the edge with a novel machine learning framework. Ergo is directly connected to sensors in a device and, with the company’s breakthrough approach to DNN processing, converts data into deep contextual insights, enabling the device to respond intelligently in real time. The chip supports inputs from multiple sensor types, including image, audio, and many more – gyros, thermal, accelerometers, etc. – to enable ultra-efficient inferences in less power than the average image sensor.

“The explosive growth of consumer edge devices has underscored the need for more powerful and efficient processing right at the sensor,” said Steve Teig, CEO of Perceive. “Consumers now expect their smart devices to understand and to react to their surroundings in real time. With Ergo, Perceive is transforming regular sensors by adding contextual awareness to improve customers’ experience with edge devices.”

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