Perceive Study Reveals Many Consumers Struggle to See the Value in Smart Home Devices Despite Optimism for the Future


Perceive today released It’s Time to Raise the Bar for Smart Home Technology, a new report that offers an inside look at how consumers feel about the smart home devices and features available today and in the future. In a survey of 2,000 consumers between the ages of 18 and 70 in the United States and Canada, Perceive discovered that despite a projected surge in smart home device adoption, today’s bar for smart home technology is still set too low.  

The report highlights that many consumers are optimistic about the smart home’s future but struggle to see value in today’s devices. Findings indicate that many devices are seen as novelties that carry out simple tasks for convenience, as opposed to providing applications that expand on what consumers can already do. Further innovation in the industry is required to achieve meaningful home intelligence.  

Key findings from the report include: 

  • Device owners are excited for innovation in the space: Consumers who already own smart home devices are more optimistic about innovation, with 78% believing that a truly smart home will be possible in less than four years.  
  • Consumers who haven’t yet jumped on board will need more convincing about the value smart home technology provides: Almost half (48%) of non-owners think today’s smart home devices really aren’t that smart – they want to see more advancement in the technology before they’re convinced of its value. 
  • Home security technologies help to build trust in the smart home: Smart home security system owners, 42% of the respondents, highlight a population of consumers with a higher appreciation for the value of today’s smart home technology. 98% plan to buy more smart home devices this year.  

“The promise of a truly intelligent and connected home experience is more than just asking a speaker to turn the lights off, skip a song, or adjust the room temperature” said David McIntyre, Vice President of Marketing at Perceive. “We must set a higher standard for the value of smart home devices to move beyond a clever party trick. Emerging technologies have unlocked a new era of more complex – and ultimately more useful – features in devices that could bring tremendous value to consumers’ lives. We have a unique opportunity to build technology that makes the smart home truly smart.” 

It’s Time to Raise the Bar for Smart Home Technology is now available for download here.