Perceive™ wins AI Award for Best Use of AI for IoT

Latest award win captures Perceive’s emergence as a leader in groundbreaking machine learning at the edge

Perceive has been honored with an award for the Best Use of AI for IoT in the 5th Global Annual Achievement Awards in Artificial Intelligence, better known as the AI Awards. The company earned the distinction in the AI Business Applications Awards category for its innovative edge inference chip, Ergo™, which brings datacenter-class inference processing directly into consumer devices while maintaining ultra-high power efficiency.

Now in its fifth year, the AI Awards brings together a panel of expert judges from the vast world of AI to select 42 award winners across seven categories. Judges include executives, leading scientists, and innovators touching all aspects of AI in 2021. Perceive joins past and current winners from notable companies like IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft, among others.

“The addition of powerful, datacenter-class neural networks to IoT sensors promises to improve the functionality and usefulness of billions of connected devices, and Perceive is grateful to be honored by peers in our industry with this award,” said Steve Teig, CEO of Perceive. “Ergo can unlock groundbreaking performance in all kinds of consumer devices by providing more powerful and efficient inference processing right next to the sensor, making these devices truly smart. We are excited to show the world what Ergo can do.”

Having already been named the 2020 Startup of the Year in Fierce Electronics’ Best of Sensors Awards and a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree, Perceive is surging ahead after earning this latest recognition as an emerging leader in AI. The company’s novel approach to machine learning has the potential to transform IoT by allowing device makers to create intuitive products that understand their environment and respond intelligently. The Ergo edge inference processor is a 7×7 mm chip that requires no external RAM and can take on large neural networks with tens of millions of parameters that previously required the computing power of the cloud — all while working within the size, power, heat, and price constraints of consumer electronics. Looking ahead, Perceive plans to continue to push the boundaries of machine learning and power efficiency to make IoT devices smarter and faster.

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