[The Linley Group] Perceive Shortlisted in The Linley Group’s Analysts’ Choice Awards 2020

Perceive made an “impressive debut” with the Ergo edge inference processor, which was nominated in the Best Embedded Processor category

The Linley Group’s Analysts’ Choice Awards is a coveted annual award program recognizing the top semiconductor and processor IP products that entered production during the year. The analyst panel evaluates the various offerings in each award category on performance, power, features, and the cost of each device.

For 2020, products were split into seven categories: PC processors, data-center processors, mobile processors, embedded processors, processor IP, networking chips, and best technology. Perceive’s Ergo chip was nominated under the Embedded Processor category.

For the full list of Analysts’ Choice Awards 2020 Winners, see this page here. You can purchase and access the full report here.